Di Blasio’s Gentrification Plan

by nosotroslospobres


Image Photo: Di Blasio with affordability champions from Goldman Sachs and the real estate lobby

About a month ago, most of the New York press was talking about a “housing plan” that Bill Di Blasio had come up with. They even said something about an “affordable housing plan”. A whole lineup of elected officials, plus “community leaders” (most of whom collect a salary made possible by their city councilmember and/or Chase) and “labor” leaders (well paid union executives, mostly in the building trades, few of whom have ever held a hammer in their hands) jumped over each other to talk about how great this was for the city and its people. The Brooklyn (go figure) borough president was quoted as saying “Build, baby, build.”   We just don’t know where the housing plan is. It’s in all the newspaper articles, but we went to their source—a 117 page policy document…

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